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Light and Shadow

I bypass the Gatekeeper of your soul

Do you long to understand what is your true purpose in this life?


Do you feel there is more to your life but unsure what that is, paralysed by fear and wonder 'What is wrong with me?’

Have you had readings where you may get some temporary relief, but it doesn't last, and those lingering questions and feelings would ultimately raise their heads and start to loop their way back into your thinking?  Before you know it, you are back at square one and asking the same old questions. 

This is where I step in.  I combine my special gifts as both a psychic and a medieval astrologer and give a truly magical reading that is unique and specific to you. 

I delve into the depths of your soul and unmask what is really going on that is hindering you from following your true north star and being the magnificent being that you can be.  I help guide you to understanding your make-up and who you are.  To embrace your strengths and to work with the challenges you have, albeit relationship challenges - Why don’t my relationships work out? Is it me?  Why can’t I find love?  Career challenges - Why am I so afraid to go for that promotion?  Why aren’t I ambitious?  Why do I hate what I do – you may just be in the wrong career but you have no idea what that right career is.  I can help you unlock the mystery to these questions.


I simplify the language of astrology and translate it in a way that you can understand. 





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