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Juls is the real deal! Passionate and insightful, she’s provided a wealth of information regarding my children’s  personalities, which ultimately has made me a better parent.  She’s also alleviated a lot of angst and provided a deeper understanding of why we all do the things we do.


When Juls offered to do my astrology chart I had no idea how much it would help clarify that I’m on the right path, doing all of the right things. It was great to know that my efforts were all working towards objectives that are really right for me long term. Juls went over and above with the depth of knowledge she shared with me. I can highly recommend her as a professional and caring astrologer.


Juls Medieval Astrology reading was quite amazing.  To discover that I AM on my life path, was a great confirmation.  Juls’ insight into my character and deepest nature was most insightful and revealing.  Her observations regarding the year ahead will greatly assist me to take opportunities and deal more courageously with the challenges of life.     


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