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My Story



I am honoured that you are here.


You could say my spiritual journey began at birth as I was born into a family of psychics.  My sister Lyn is an internationally renowned psychic based in California.  Lyn introduced me to the Tarot when I was a young girl.  I was brought up looking at life through a different lens.


I decided to take up the baton and study Tarot in 1991 with Anne Shotter, renowned Tarot Maestro and founding President of the Tarot Guild of Australia. 


In 2003, with husband Adam and two children in tow, we relocated from Melbourne to Perth, whereupon I discovered Astrology, and the next chapter in my esoteric journey began.  I attended the Orion Academy of Astrology, run by Jeannette Lewis Hill.  During my studies, I was introduced to Cindy Naunton, a Medieval Astrologer.  Cindy opened my world to Medieval Astrology.  Cindy could make accurate assessments by just looking at my chart.  I was intrigued and knew I had to pursue this primordial, ancient Astrology.  From the moment I entered the classroom, I began absorbing Cindy’s rich tapestry of knowledge and sharing her incredible insight and mastery.  I was beguiled and knew I had ‘come home’.  Medieval Astrology was my astrological language, my destiny.


In 2007, my husband Adam’s career took us to London, where I continued with my studies, and I was accepted into the prominent Astrology School, Astro Logos, run by one of the world’s leading Astrologers, Bernadette Brady.  There I emersed myself into the teachings of esteemed Astrologers such as Claudius Ptolemy, Vettius Vallens, Guido Bonatti, and so many more.  With great pride, and after many hours of study and practice, I graduated with a Diploma in Medieval Astrology.


What is unique to my readings is that I fuse both my psychic and astrological gifts which makes for a one-of-a-kind, unique and specific reading for you.  A reading that will help you unlock the great mystery of who you are and why you are here on planet earth.


I have other feathers to my cap as I am an award-winning author of a book called ‘Secrets of a Superhost.  How to become an Airbnb Rockstar’ (


I can’t wait to get started.


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