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Spiritual Astrology

Medieval astrology is the ancient science of astrology

About Juls 1

I bypass the Gatekeeper of your soul

Do you long to understand what is your true purpose in this life?


Do you feel there is more to your life but unsure what that is, paralysed by fear and wonder 'What is wrong with me?’

Have you had readings where you may get some temporary relief, but it doesn't last, and those lingering questions and feelings would ultimately raise their heads and start to loop their way back into your thinking?  Before you know it, you are back at square one and asking the same old questions. 

This is where I step in.  I combine my special gifts as both a psychic and a medieval astrologer and give a truly magical reading that is unique and specific to you. 

I delve into the depths of your soul and unmask what is really going on that is hindering you from following your true north star and being the magnificent being that you can be.  I help guide you to understanding your make-up and who you are.  To embrace your strengths and to work with the challenges you have, albeit relationship challenges - Why don’t my relationships work out? Is it me?  Why can’t I find love?  Career challenges - Why am I so afraid to go for that promotion?  Why aren’t I ambitious?  Why do I hate what I do – you may just be in the wrong career but you have no idea what that right career is.  I can help you unlock the mystery to these questions.


I simplify the language of astrology and translate it in a way that you can understand. 

About Juls

Meet Juls



I am honoured that you are here.


You could say my spiritual journey began at birth as I was born into a family of psychics.  My sister Lyn is an internationally renowned psychic based in California.  Lyn introduced me to the tarot when I was a young girl.  I was brought up looking at life through a different lens.


I decided to take up the baton and study Tarot in 1991 with Anne Shotter, renowned Tarot Maestro and founding President of the Tarot Guild of Australia....

My Services


Life Path Reading inc. Bonus Predictions



A life path reading will reveal many hidden treasures, past, present and future.  I will delve into the deepest part of your chart to reveal what are some of your greatest strengths and personal challenges are by exploring the planets, the houses and the aspects.  These often are your greatest supporters. The obstacle is the way!  I will give you the tools to best utilise how to deal with slaying these dragons when they rear their heads so ultimately, you can work towards your true potential, how to be your authentic self and ultimately ‘acceptance’ of who you are.  We will explore areas of your life such as love, career and overall wellbeing.   The magic is that I combine both my gifts as a psychic with the tools in my Medieval Astrology kit to bring a unique and enlightening reading.


Solar Return Reading



Medieval Astrology is unlike other astrology practices, as I use ancient techniques and tools in my predictive work which adds that extra rich layer to readings.  In looking at your year ahead, I delve into goodies such as profections and my favourite medieval tool, ‘Firdaria’ (this technique is what I call ‘the map of one’s life’).  I will look at events that are transpiring in your life currently and for the next 12 months.  I work with you on the best way to embrace the year ahead.  

Please Note

You must have had a life path reading with me before you have a solar return chart. 

Please make sure you have an accurate time of birth.  Your mother, father or even a sibling might say you were born at a certain time, but often it isn’t accurate.  You can contact the Records Department at the hospital you were born and they will be able to produce a record of your birth time for a small fee. 

There is quite a significant amount of preparation that goes into each reading. I am passionate about my work and I go above and beyond to help my clients gain an understanding of themselves.  


Juls is the real deal! Passionate and insightful, she’s provided a wealth of information regarding my children’s  personalities, which ultimately has made me a better parent.  She’s also alleviated a lot of angst  and provided a deeper understanding of why we all do the things we do


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